Grant applications are now open

Deadline to for applications to be received will be Monday, October 9th at midnight.

Grants will be reviewed at our November Board meeting, Friday, November 3rd and notification will begin there after.

*The 23/24 Fall Grants Applications are now closed.

*Please consider helping us in the concession stand for a shift or two. We are considering the possibility of a Spring Grant Application.


ABMS Grant Application Form


The process will be the same as previous years with a few new details:

  • Staff that help open/find people to open our concession stand will be given additional consideration, in place of joining the PTO. Schedule of home games/events will be posted on the front page of the website.
  • Please account for shipping costs in the total grant request.


When requesting grants from ABMS PTO, please consider looking into the BVEF grants process as well.

That process will begin September 2024.

If you aren't sure about whether your grant is better served by the Middle School PTO or BVEF, please contact Stephanie Morrison