Get Involved — Volunteer!

When adults volunteer, all students and staff benefit! There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved!  Middle PTO commitments are different from the elementary school level for various reasons


Openings for 2023-24 School Year


Below you will see some descriptions of volunteer positions that differ from elementary school - Some of these are unique to ABMS and some are similar to the elementary schools, but have a different scope and time commitment.


Concession Management Team - AMBS has its own concession stand that is open during school events. This team takes care of pricing, purchasing and the general running of the stand. This team IS NOT responsible for running the stand and doing all the volunteering. 


Volunteer Engagement Team - This team makes and distributes volunteer sign ups for events, engages in recruiting volunteers. This team will also manage volunteer appreciation - the more we thank our volunteers, the more they show up. Probably about an hour or so each month with a full team. This would be great for a group of friends to do together.


Holiday Jars/Bags - Organizes and manages sign up for families to adopt a staff member each holiday. This committee organizes the bags as they come back to school and distributes to all staff members before the winter break.Time commitment  a couple hours total between October and November for prep and a few hours to organize and distribute the bags the week of.


Wolverine Activity Night Committee - Organizes our Wolverine Activity Night, twice a year. All the prep can be done within about 2 weeks, since we have all the activities preplanned and own our own equipment. Mostly a day before and day of commitment.


Wolverine Welcome - Comes to Wolverine Welcome, greets families at the PTO table, collects memberships, sells some spirit wear, yards signs etc. Done with other volunteers. Time commitment beginning of August, emails to principals for setup, and day of take a shift at the table. 


VP Fundraising - Same name as elementary school, though less time consuming because there aren’t the same fundraising expectations. Time commitment of checking in with committees and teams, attending monthly zoom.


Assistant Treasurer - Handles bringing cash back and forth from the bank and concession stand.In charge of depositing and withdrawing funds for events. Guidelines are set  for each event, so there is no guesswork. Time commitment varies with the event schedule though it could be done once a week ahead of games and cash bags placed in the safe.


Spirit Wear - Not nearly the push for spirit wear in middle school, stores are organized 2 to 3 times each year, mainly to order PE shirts and offer a couple other options. Coordinates with the VP Fundraising to allow for extra shirts for the PTO to sell during the school year. No commitment to deliver spirit wear, it’s all delivered to school, individually labeled.


Book Fair - Help set up book fair one time in the Fall. Time commitment some time to set up and take down.