Back Aubry Bend



What is Back Aubry Bend?

Your PTO Membership and Invest in ABMS are now rolled into a SINGLE donation opportunity with multiple levels of support!


Where do my dollars go?

This year, donations and concession sales have gone to support our Academic and Administrative programming in the form of 

*Microscope Maintenance

*New Non-Fiction books for our Media Center

*Field Trips

*New STEM equipment

and more!


How do I Back Aubry Bend?

Backing Aubry Bend is easy! You can choose your tax-deductable donation level from our website or Parent Vue. 



Aubry Bend PTO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Click here to BACK AUBRY BEND


Back Aubry Bend Levels

White - $25

  • PTO membership*
  • access to online directory
  • vote at annual meeting


Green - $75

  • Everything at the White level
  • + concession stand punchcard


Silver - $125

  • Everything at the Green level
  • + Back Aubry Bend T-Shirt


 *Please note, while we encourage and love for our families to volunteer, PTO membership is not a commitment to any committee. For a list of volunteer opportunities, check our PTO Available positions!